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Gail Hekman

Richmond, VA

Master Kim's MegaKick TaeKwonDo &. Martial Arts Is destined for success!The enthusiasm that Master Kim generates is contagious.  Master Kim was the face of the dojong I attended.   He greeted students by name and was always encouraging.  He is a patient and tireless teacher with the young and the more "mature" students.  His form is impeccable.I was impressed by Master Kim's ability to juggle several diverse age groups and keep them motivated.  His playful attitude with children is endearing.  He could maintain discipline by raising an eyebrow and giving a stern look at the misbehaving student.As a senior citizen, I was appreciative of Master Kim's kindness and support.  I would not have been able to earn my Black Belt without his positive attitude that inspired me.


"We first met Master Kim in September 2015 when my grandson was just entering First Grade. He came home from school that first week and said he wanted to learn Tae Kwon Do. My wife and I are raising our grandson and we knew nothing about TKD at that time. However, since he wanted to give it a try, we decided to visit our local TKD school. Master Kim greeted us that day and gave us an overview of the program. Then, he gave my grandson a demonstration and a lesson. We were hooked and decided to join. Now, our grandson has been taking TKD for more than three years and he has advanced from White Belt up to the Double Black Stripe belt,

which is just one belt below the Black Belt level. Master Kim has been both a good friend and an excellent teacher for our grandson. He has a

wonderful rapport and approach with the young TKD students. He is very kind and understanding, yet firm and demanding. He was our primary

teacher as my grandson learned the forms and requirements of his lower and middle belts. He constantly demonstrated and instilled the TKD values that are such an important part of the program. Today, we can see that our grandson has learned through TKD lessons of respect, self-discipline,focus on goal setting, and perseverance to achieve goals. We can also see that these lessons have carried over into other aspects of our grandson’s life at home, church, and school. Our grandson has developed a healthy sense of self-confidence and we attribute this in part to his progress through the TDK program. Based upon our experience, we can certainly recommend TDK for young boys and girls and we strongly recommend Master Kim as an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend for all students."


My family loves Master Kim. His program offers a perfect balance of physical training, discipline and fun.  He challenges you and helps you push your limits in a positive way.  Master Kim builds strength and confidence in all his students through patient and kind instruction, tailored to meet each student at his or her individual level.

Whether you are looking for a year-round sport for your child, an exercise program for yourself, or an activity for the whole family, I can definitely recommend Master Kim's Tae Kwon Do!

Bill Franklin

Glen Allen, VA

Mollie C. Barton


Dara Chhay and Timothy Keo 

   We had a great experience with Master Kim.
He is a great teacher and is passionate about what he does. After School we take Tae Kwon Do class and it has been very positive with Master Kim. 
All the staffs are helpful and kownledgable.
They are fun and friendly. The children under their care are great and teach life skills. Also they provide instructions on proper techniques and pointers based on what we need.
Master Kim also helped me and my son with kids that would bully him.
Master Kim does not encourage fighting with others ,but to use self defenses skills only if necessary.
    I would truly recommend all children and adults to come be apart of a wonderful Tae Kwon Do class and learn all skills from self discipline, self defenses , Tae Kwon Do skills and being respectful.


My daughter Jeanelly has trained Tae Kwon Do with Master Kim for couple of years. Through Master Kim's passion, motivation and respect, not only my daughter but I also learned how to respect to the parents and to others. Master Kim is not only great working with children but also works with the parents to make sure their child reach their goals.


I, strongly recommend Master Kim's MegaKick Martial Arts to any parents who want to see the value of benefit from Tae Kwon Do. 


I Know Master Kim both as a parent and as a student. He greeted everyone warmly at the beginning of class with genuine enthusiasm. 

Master Kim is an excellent teacher. He was easily able to tailor lessons to our different skill levels. he taught my six year old, my 10 year old and myself with equal effectiveness.

He recognized when my son was struggling and gave him extra attention to help build his confidence. he was not shy about having fun and all the kids responded to this attitude with their own excitement.

Master Kim was nice. He was a great teacher because he was very enthusiastic. He didn't push us too much. He was not hard on us. He made it fun for us to learn. We had fun being with him.

Luis Feliz

New Jersey



Liam (9) and Aidan (6)